• Sara Lamerton

Viva La Revolution, Plymouth!

Hmm, how do you describe Les Gloriables? When I took my seat, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, which, upon reflection was a good thing because what unfolded in front of me over the next 80 minutes was a sheer delight that I didn’t see coming. And to say I’ve never seen anything quite like it before is an understatement, but that is also most definitely a good thing.

Inspired by Les Miserables, the comedy duo of Spitz & Co have perfected this off the wall, seemingly thrown together performance that has them both eccentrically interpreting and embodying the main characters from Victor Hugo’s novel in an extraordinarily unique fashion. Having brilliant chemistry together, they own their respective roles as if it were truly them. The French diva, Gloria Delaneuf, played by Lise Boucon, and the long suffering assistant, Josephine, played by Susie Donkin, perform this quirky and raucous comedy that is quite impossible to forget.

Inspired by Socialism and political revolution, and mirroring aspects of our own political climate here in the UK, Les Gloribales intertwines narrative from the classic novel with modern props and local inspiration to bring an accessible and politically charged show that transports you out of all the petty and often nasty threads of modern day politics and plonks you where you can just be in, and enjoy, the moment for exactly what it offers.

As the story unfolds its many layers there are opportunities for audience interaction and involvement from start to finish. Even if you don’t get selected to be one of their ‘victims’, you’re certainly not just going to be a mere spectator. It’s impossible not to be pulled into their game and the audience laughter is quite uncontained at times: grown men giggling like school children, young people transfixed like ‘what the hell is happening here?’ as well as couples torn apart and used as pawns by the French diva in this silly and wonderful world they’ve created for us to enjoy.

The show is running in the Drum until 30th December so there’s no excuse not to catch it before it moves on and whips up another rural city into a French style frenzy.

*Uncontrolled snorting and/or grunting may occur - be warned and prepared

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