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Bloggers and Critics Scheme

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

*Image nicked from the Theatre Royal Plymouth's website. (That'll probably happen a lot)

A few months ago, on the off chance that I might not be a completely terrible writer, I applied to the Theatre Royal's Bloggers and Critics Scheme. To my amazement they confirmed that I wasn't completely terrible, and, after a shortlisting and final selection process back in late May, I was accepted onto the scheme.

Designed to support our aspirations and develop our writing skills, the scheme focuses mainly on reviewing shows as well as taking part in a variety of workshops and theatre experience opportunities. Once a month we get to review a local production and then one of these reviews is featured on the website. This month, also to my amazement, my review for CITIZEN was selected.

Disclaimer: I might have peaked early, and, as all of us will be featured at some point, I will bask in the glory whilst I can!

The first workshop with Ellie Mae focused on creating a blog to showcase our work during the scheme. And, for anyone who really knows me this won't come as a surprise, I have procrastinated about it ever since. This isn't my first rodeo, as they say. I've attempted to blog before but haven't quite found the sustained inspiration for it. I've had work related sites and more personal blogs over the years, but, without a clear purpose, I have lost the motivation. I intend this blog to be primarily a place for the things I do over the coming months, and anything else I feel compelled to add is a bonus.

Lucky you.

My motivation for joining the scheme was two-fold. 1) I love the theatre, and vowed to spend more time immersed in activities that I enjoy and that make me feel positive about life; so I have been going as regularly as I can this year. When I saw the scheme advertised I was inspired to apply for this reason, and 2) because for some time now I have wanted to develop my own creative writing. I'd like to be open to where that will take me in the future and, if my passion for this form of expression grows, then hopefully the work that I am involved in, and the things I write about, will evolve and expand naturally.

Plus, I've met some really lovely people who are also taking part in the scheme, as well as our mentors, Rebecca and Maia, who work for TRP. So far, I've been fortunate enough to have seen two completely different style productions that I will post about separately on here. But for now, I will leave you with the deep joy of knowing there is more to come.....

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